2018 Annual Campaign
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For Youth Development

Brandon Raum“He was timid and shy and didn’t want to leave us. Sometimes he wouldn’t get out of the car,” said Kristy. Things began to change when counselors stepped in to include Brandon and develop relationships with him that he couldn’t get anywhere else. 

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For Healthy Living

Judy Yoder“Even when I was running my business, my favorite thing has always been to see people have fun. There is no better feeling,” said Judy. “I feel like it’s my mission to put on events that allow people to have fun.”

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For Social Responsibility

Daisy and Lisbeth“The first two weeks, the girls didn’t want to go into the water at all,” said Chad, director of the 21st Century Grant program. After one month of swim lessons, the sisters went all the way into the water on their own. It has been a long journey, but a successful one.

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$1000 Milestone Meagan Deck 2018 Annual Campaign


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